Y3: Psychological Stewardship: How to Live with All Your Heart, Mind, and Soul

Small group workshop presenter

Karen Fischer


God created us to live life to the full. That is not easy to do when everything comes at us fast and furious. Social media of all kinds, climate change, sexual identity, financial uncertainty, and personal worries drive the anxieties of your generation. All of this challenges our mental, spiritual, and emotional health. The anxieties of this generation are not unprecedented, and they are not insurmountable. Rooted in God’s timeless promises, this session will provide evidence-based social science strategies to manage personal anxieties. The goal: to move away from fearful worry and toward eager anticipation of what God has in store for our lives.

“Living in grace, working with wisdom, transcending through humor.” Karen Fischer is a licensed professional counselor passionate about mental wellness. She serves people in outpatient settings, groups, mentorship, and education. Her mode of operating is to look for the “what to do” over the “why do I feel like this” in helping people. Karen’s passion surrounds marrying the grace and truth of the gospel with understanding psychological stewardship.