Y5: Did God really say . . . Sex is Good?

Small group workshop presenter

Pastor Brad Snyder


Youth is a time of life full of curiosity. Sometimes the more we learn, the more curious we get. We need to be careful to not let our curiosity lead us to believe lies. That’s especially true with sex. Sex is good. It’s okay to be curious about it. Most people think about sex a lot more than we talk about it. And even when we talk about it, we often perpetuate more lies. We’ll have an honest conversation about the lies of media and pornography, and what the truth of God’s Word says in response to those lies.

Pastor Brad Snyder serves at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Boise and Nampa, Idaho. He is also the chairman of Conquerors through Christ, a WELS ministry that helps people resist, reject, and recover from using pornography by teaching about sex as a good gift from our great God.