Pastor Dan Rodewald and Ben Dose

Y9: Wonderfully Made, Fully Known: Where LGBTQ Matters Meet Jesus

Small group workshop presenters

Pastor Dan Rodewald & Ben Dose


Pastor Dan Rodewald Ben Dose

The nationwide debate over LGBTQ+ issues most often treats the topic as exactly that—issues to be solved. While the Bible is clear on God’s intent for gender and sexuality, this biblical truth presents real challenges today for real people who have real stories and real pain. Jesus really cares about these folks, and he speaks to them with profound relief and hope. Come join us to hear a pastor and a same-sex attracted Christian who struggles with and, by God’s grace, continues to fight through his faith in Christ. They will reflect on the unique challenges that come with gender/sexuality questions, what the gospel means to the LGBTQ+ community, and how the church can better approach these conversations with Christlike love and integrity.

Pastor Dan Rodewald serves as pastor of Paradise Valley Lutheran in Phoenix, Ariz. As a younger millennial, he’s had a front-row seat to rapidly changing cultural views on sexuality and gender.

Ben Dose is a Seattle-based designer who has been speaking for five+ years about his personal experiences with same-sex attraction growing up in WELS.

Dan and Ben are both members of the new WELS Committee on Identity, Gender, and Sexuality, which creates resources and support channels for people with questions about identity, gender, sexuality, and faith.