Luke Thompson with wife Christine - WELS Youth Rally 2024

L1: Thinking Differently: An Approach to Young Adult Ministry

Leadership workshop presenter

Professor Luke & Christine Thompson


Our young adults are still in the midst of a pandemic, but it’s not COVID. It’s loneliness. Loneliness has skyrocketed. Young adults have fewer friends than previous generations, paired with deep doubts about the Christian church. Join us as we’ll explore one model for meeting both the needs of the hearts and heads of young adults.

Luke Thompson taught philosophy at Wisconsin Lutheran College and Bethany Lutheran College before becoming a pastor in WELS. He served eight years in Ottawa, Ontario, as a pastor, where he ministered to government workers, immigrants, and university students. For over 20 years, he has worked with campus ministries. He now teaches at Martin Luther College.

Christine has worked alongside Luke in campus ministries for many years and has also served the church as a youth and family coordinator. She now collaborates with creatives and nonprofits to develop Christian resources and publications and is also the developing editor for