Y11: 5 Reasons NOT to Be a Lutheran

Small group workshop presenters

Pastor Andy Westra


There are more than 200 Christian denominations in the United States. The question has to be asked: Why are you a Lutheran? Because your parents are? Because you attended a Lutheran school? Hopefully all of us can answer this question on a deeper level, but does it really matter what denomination someone belongs to? This workshop will answer these questions by giving five reasons NOT to be a Lutheran. God willing, you will leave this workshop cherishing the fact that you are a Lutheran.

Pastor Andy Westra is a pastor and home missionary at Christ Our Refuge Lutheran Church in Waco, Texas, where he was assigned in 2021. His first assignment out of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary was to serve as a tutor at Luther Preparatory School in 2019, so he has a love for working with teens and helping them cherish their status as blood-bought children of God and Lutherans.